Master Course Teachers

The mentors and teachers at Watson are the world’s foremost leaders, entrepreneurs, and practitioners who live on campus and teach short “Master Courses” to the Scholars.

Jan Piercy

Former US Executive Director of the World Bank, Senior Advisor at Enclude

Course Title: Leveraging Who You are to Become Who You Want to Be

  • She received the US Treasury Medal of Honor in 2001 for her service at the Treasury and World Bank.
  • Prior to her nomination to the World Bank Board, Ms. Piercy was Deputy Assistant to President Clinton for Presidential Appointments in the White House.
  • Headed public interest management programs at both Cornell and Stanford graduate schools of business.
  • She serves on the advisory councils of the Acumen Fund and the Global Philanthropy Forum and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

“Find your tribe, and trust that they’ll do anything and everything to help you out.”

Jan Piercy, Senior Advisor, Enclude, has been committed to promoting public service and social entrepreneurship her entire career, which has spanned private, public, academic and citizen sectors.

She headed public management programs at Cornell and then Stanford’s Graduate Schools of Business; led development programs in Bangladesh and Thailand, then entered community banking until joining President Clinton’s Administration in the White House until appointed to serve on the Board of the International Bank for Reconstruction & Development.

She served as US board member at the World Bank and IFC during President Clinton’s administration, learning the world of multilateral financial institutions and their governance.

Today, she works with Enclude’s Capital Advisory Services practice to help social benefit enterprises access mission-aligned capital for growth and scaling.