Fall, 2015 Application: Protect Your Courage

Dear Prospective Watson Scholar,

The theme of the Watson application is “Protect Your Courage”.  We as people are driven by an unshakable desire to make the future better than the past.  Yet doing so is not an easy path to follow – it requires great strength in the face of challenges and unshakable courage.

With the same application you can apply to one or more of the following four options:

graduation-cap1. Watson University’s Bachelor’s of Science in Entrepreneurship degree track.

Fall 2015 in Boulder

More about tuition and the degree track here


watson-shield2. Watson University’s Fall semester
(August 31-December 18, 2015 in Boulder)

More about tuition here


3. Watson Institute Philippines

(June 1-July 31, 2015 in Philippines)

More about Watson Institute Philippines here.


liberty-bell4. Watson Institute Philadelphia

(July 6-July 17, 2015 in Philadelphia)



We believe that it is up to us at Watson to protect your courage as you trailblaze your path.  This application gives you a chance to share with us who you are and how you are courageously creating the future.

Early Application Due Date for all four programs (preferred admission): March 15, 2015 (Note: applicants who turn in their application by March 15th at midnight MST will have a greater chance of acceptance.)

Final Application Due Date for all programs: April 15th, 2015.

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While you are working on the online application, don’t hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions: apply@watsonuniversity.org